Community Health Projects

Since the overall goal of the journal is to create a suitable platform for serving global preventive health, we foster the publication of well-documented Community Health Projects that promote the health of all people.

Latest Articles

These articles can comprise a diverse range of topics such as:

Public health education

Reports on initiatives that foster physical and mental sanity by means of advancement in the field of health education and promotion. Papers submitted to this section provide high quality standards for the practice and implementation of health education programs, enhance the effectiveness of nutritional interventions, stimulate research on the effectiveness of health related curricula, convey information on nutrition and healthy lifestyles, advocate health policies and legislation and guide the foundation of educative community centers. All reports empower people to make better decisions for their own health and that of others.

Nutritional intervention

We encourage the submission of reports on nutrition-specific interventions. Nutrition, in particular under-or overnutrition, is one of the most significant life-style determinants of health. This subsection addresses various topics, such as diversity in food supply, supplementation and food fortification, nutritional awareness, etcetera. By developing and documenting interventions that combat underlying determinants of malnutrition, we accelerate health, support health maintenance and increase health related quality of life.

Community gardening

We welcome reports on community gardening. Gardening projects for communities provide an optimal learning and empowering opportunity. They guarantee diversity in food supply, provide access to high food quality, create awareness about the devastating health implications of polluted environments and promote sustainable gardening practices. On top of that, they increase self-sufficiency, help community members to gain insight in the essentials of cultivating fruits and vegetables and have a bonding impact.

Healthy cities

We welcome reports on local initiatives that attribute to the establishment of sustainable and urban environments and the enrichment of health resources for residents. The implementation of such cathartic urban measures are a self-understood necessity. Worldwide, the trend of urbanization inevitably leads to serious adverse health effects. To counter this upward trend, we nurture local and global initiatives that address health determinants and foster health promoting environments. Manuscripts submitted to the Healthy cities section will serve as applicable reference documents and serve the realization of this objective.

Mental health projects

We encourage the submission of reports on community-based initiatives that aim at increasing mental health and wellbeing outcomes for communities. Primary prevention frameworks can be effective in preventing and reducing severity of mental health problems and delaying their onset.

School health

The vital school section cherishes educative health projects that are targeted towards disease prevention and the transfer of health promoting behaviors. We envision the empowerment of school health professionals, and the cultivation of school settings that foster the well-being of the child and support early-child development – both physically and mentally. Manuscripts submitted to the vital school section can address a variety of topics, including criteria of an effective health education curriculum, strategies to target risk behaviors and guidelines on implementing courses on the essentials of nutrition in the school curricula. Ultimately, we envision vital schools that pave the way for the adoption of lifelong healthy lifestyles and the acquisition of skills and tools needed to unlock ones full potential ( physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively).

Environmental health

The ultimate objective of the environmental health section is the achievement of a cleaner, more sustainable and healthier future by increasing environmental awareness and spreading (scientific) reports on environmental health. The section encloses a diverse range of topics such as permaculture, sustainable agriculture, air pollution, chemical safety, children’s environmental health, social determinants of health, health and climate change, healthy settings, radiation, occupational health, water sanitation and health. By designing our environments in the healthiest way, we create a healthier planet and serve preventive health.